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        The Why and How

        to Install LVT in Wet


                                                             BY JEFFREY B. JOHNSON, FCIS PRODUCT MANAGER, MAPEI

                o overstate the obvious, luxury vinyl tile and plank   plastic making them virtually waterproof. No matter if it is PVC,
                flooring are well-known in the flooring world for many   polyolefin, SRC, WPC, you name it, waterproof or water-resistant
                good reasons. To start with, just the simple portability   is the game being played. No wonder designers are trying to figure
        Tof the flooring makes it easy to get from the factory to   out ways to put this very attractive material in other areas of their
        the job site. Next, the fairly straight forward installation method   properties other than just on the floor. I have had numerous
        that only requires a utility knife to cut individual planks to length.   requests for installation suggestions for LVT on walls and even
        Then, depending on attachment method, it’s either click together   ceilings. But why stop there? With all the benefits of LVT, why
        in a floating floor system or a simple pressure sensitive adhesive   stop with walls and ceilings? How about wet environments such as
        bonding process for a finished look.                shower enclosures and tub surrounds? Crazy, you say? Thanks to
          The other aspect of LVT that we need to take into consideration   new installation materials, this is now extremely possible.
        is that the state-of-the-art printing and visual creation is becoming   So why would you want to put LVT in wet environments and
        more advanced on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how many times I   how does this work?
        have looked at a floor and actually had to get down on my knees to   The first thing you need to know about the products used to
        touch it and make sure it was real or LVT. The visuals are simply   install LVT in wet environments is that they are all provided to
        stunning and the marketing efforts behind this flooring product are   you premixed and ready to go. What this means is that there is
        making it something people actually ask for as an upgrade.   no mixing of powder into water. This means there is no pot life to
          Lastly, most if not all LVT products are made from some form of   worry about. This means that there is a lot less mess in the form

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