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            How CIM Training

            Opened My Eyes


                have been in the flooring industry for over 30 years. I was raised   Shortly after I started here at AFDC, CIM training was offered to
                in my family’s Commercial Flooring office and grew up learning   our project managers and field quality control associates. Immediately
                everything from sweeping to seaming, installing to managing   upon completing their training, I received numerous reports of how
           I elling to designing.                              informative and enlightening the certification had been. (Several
                and s
              Over the years, my hands-on experience in the field has given me a   of those who attended that initial class had extensive flooring
            lot of insight on how and why installations, regardless of the product,   experience!)
            can be successful or fail.                           Intrigued, I decided to attend the next scheduled 3 Days to
              Communication and organization were the cornerstones of my   CIM class. The 3 Days to CIM Program was a fully immersive and
            father’s business. Everything had its place, and everything was done   interactive class. I was surrounded by individuals with all levels of
            for a reason. There were no shortcuts, and he always offered only   experience and several industry experts in their own right.
            the finest products and services to his clients. We did not get every   Numerous industry representatives spoke about their experiences.
            job, but we could stand behind and be proud of our work every job   They openly shared their successes and challenges and the measures
            we got. My father’s reputation for quality work helped him grow our   they took to resolve and learn from them. One of my most significant
            business with strong customer and manufacturer relationships over   takeaways from the class is that even though I have a way of solving a
            the years. We were always looking for a better way or better product   problem or completing a task, there often may still be a more efficient
            to offer to our clients.                           way to accomplish this. I had several eye-opening conversations with
              I routinely attended manufacturers training classes and received   my classmates that enlightened me on accomplishing things I had
            numerous certifications over my many years working with my father.   never considered before. Why should I have? My way had successfully
            This training proved to be invaluable when managing projects. You   worked for years! CIM had exposed a mental trap I had fallen into!
            could plan for success rather than react to problems.  “Just because that’s the way we have always done it” does not mean it is
              When I was allowed to join Atlanta Flooring Design Center as their   the BEST way!
            Commercial Manager, I was excited to apply my past experiences and   We should ALWAYS be open to new ideas and ALWAYS be
            knowledge to this new position.                    searching for better ways to do things!
              I inherited a wonderful group of seasoned professional sales   Most recently, while working on a large Convention Center
            associates with vast knowledge of the flooring industry. Being the   project, we were presented with multiple floor preparation and
            new kid, I had to prove myself and demonstrate that I could be an   moisture mitigation challenges. The knowledge I acquired at my CIM
            asset to this dynamic team. Not an easy task by any means!  class helped our team correctly identify and explain the required
              During the first few months, I spent a lot of time listening to my   repairs and fully document the process, and ultimately, protecting
            team. What challenges did they face? What was holding them back,   our customer by keeping the project in compliance with the
            and even more importantly, what was helping them move forward?  manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and warranty purposes.
              I quickly learned that many extraordinary processes and   My team and I continue to benefit from the knowledge learned at
            procedures here at AFDC contributed to the company’s success.   CIM training and the relationships we made with our peers in the
            More importantly, the company had a strong bias/passion/mission   industry. The collective skills and experience among CIM members
            statement.                                         is a gold mine of lessons learned, best practices, and the wisdom that
              We dominated our culture. We want to do the right thing and   only experience can offer!  Q
            treat our customers as we wish to be treated—simple logic but often
            overlooked in a fast passed industry dominated by a get ‘er done

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